Minimalism in the interior: the basis of simplicity and freedom

In place of the aristocracy and elegance, practicality came and maximum functionality. Reducing the abundance of ornaments in the interior to zero, minimalism took a firm place among the design trends of the end of XX beginning of the XXI century. What has the hallmarks of this style and what to look for?

Let’s start with the fact that at the core of minimalism is the minimum number of pieces of furniture . As for the cabinets, then they must be built into the wall, without elaborate handles, windows and mirrors. Bed – exclusively on low rectangular legs, without soft headrests and decorative carving. Modern Sofa – direct geometric shapes with bright upholstery and without pattern. It should be noted that the textile hardly used in the interior of such a plan. The windows may be the lack of curtains and drapes. Instead, use vertical blinds and roller blinds.


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