Various Types of Rack Storage Systems

Shelf racks – the most common type of shelving. The components of the device are the basis for other types. Shelf racks are mainly used for the storage of retail goods, goods in containers, plastic or metal containers on the shelves. This type of shelving can be executed both in stationary and mobile versions – mobile shelving archive.

Closed shelving racks are designed for storing documents, as well as for the storage of the normal gravity products. Easy assembly allows a short time to equip the file or storage room for loads of small and medium gravity. To increase the storage volume can be mounted on a mobile base.
Cargo Racks are designed to store a variety of goods, goods, things in warehouses, shopping areas, and so on. N., Saving the squares. And Stored goods can vary considerably by weight and size.

Pallet Rack– a device for tiered storage and storage of various items and substances. Pallet racks or shelves for pallets, as a rule, consist of frames and beams fixed to him hooked.
Racking pallets – is the most popular type of shelving for the warehouse. They can be both standard and non-standard (for storage of specific types of goods). On the basis of pallet racking and shelving for the euro pallets are made complicated racking systems, in particular, mezzanine shelving. This makes it possible to use pallet racking not only for the storage of goods placed on pallets, but also for the storage of individual goods, boxes and tanks.


For storage of various goods and materials most suitable option becomes rack, so racking storage systems are widely used in warehouses, offices, utility room and in the home as a convenient storage system.


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