The Types of Rack Storage Systems

In modern warehousing industry gained popularity a few basic types of rack systems, widespread both in our country and abroad. In this article we will look at some of the most common types of cargo racks and try to determine which tasks it is advisable to use one or the other type.

Shelves story – data rack systems the most widespread and widely used in most warehouses. The second title of the racking systems – shelving mezzanines. The appeal of this type of equipment is primarily in the fact that it is quite versatile. Keep on mezzanines can be almost any load. The second positive quality of the mezzanine is that it is very roomy. A mezzanine is able to save hundreds of square meters of the warehouse. Using a mezzanine connected with a challenge – it is necessary to use a special storage equipment for work at high altitudes, because Use stackable racks usually involves a construction height of 10 meters.

Cantilever racks – designed for the storage of long loads such as pipes, metal or rolled sheet. The disadvantage of this design is that it be converted for storage of the goods of another type is practically impossible. But the cantilever racks are not difficult to install and they are indispensable for keeping certain types of goods.


Shelf racks – ideal for storage of different goods, such as small hardware boxes. Shelving storage system can be equipped with special storage boxes or have vertical dividers that divide the shelf into sections. Shelf racks find their application not only as a warehouse equipment. In many trading rooms of modern shops can often see a product that is stored on the shelves. In this case, it is necessary that the rack had a neat appearance, which is usually achieved by powder coating surface. Standard colors – gray or white.


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