The Furniture in The Interior of The Office And Care

It is known that any office can not be absolutely free of furniture. Even the most creative directors and lovers of minimalist style realize that without some things just can not be avoided. Many people prefer to buy furniture for his own company parts, for example, tables or chairs.
Other leaders, worried about the creation of the image of a solid and reliable company, invited designers to create complete office interior, stylishness pleasing the eye and the body – comfort. At the same time, and in fact, and in another case for the furniture needs proper care, then it will last for many years without requiring maintenance and replacement. General rules of care.

Image 1
All office furniture requires a certain temperature and humidity conditions. Manufacturers offer a guarantee that if the temperature and humidity balance with home furnishings problems will not be long enough.
Another thing – the correct placement, which also affects the preservation of consumer qualities. Direct sunlight and heating – is not the best neighbors for furniture. If the room faces south and large windows, it is best to take care to reduce the sunlight in the room. This will help preserve the furniture and improve the physical condition of employees.
Management should be prepared not only to conduct the repair and decoration designers, and further spending on care products to purchase. Moreover, the more expensive and exotic furniture will be, the more difficult cleaning technology and more expensive tools.
Wooden tables, shelves and cabinets will require resources, as part of which contains wax. It enables to create an invisible film on the surface, preventing the destruction of the material, which is made ​​of one or the other item. In addition, drugs penetrate the wax scrapes, scratches, cracks, fill them and give the overall gloss surface, thereby providing a masking effect. Ideally, such means would comprise a coloring pigment, with color matching furniture, especially facades.
From time to time it will be necessary to monitor the status of nodes and mechanical guides may need adjustment of their lubrication. The guide rails can be rubbed with paraffin, it will improve their sliding properties.
The greatest attention will demand Soft office furniture , available in the office. Most often in the office of the director can see the chairs and sofa, designed for relaxing and entertaining, business partners. The most elegant interiors include collections of genuine leather. Over time, it loses color, shine, abrasions and cracks appear. To the aesthetic appearance of the sofa and chairs remained for a longer time, you need to use special formulations for the skin, including a dye to regain its former color. The premises for the staff and there are lounge areas with sofas, which must be weekly vacuuming once a year (more often if needed) to give to the dry cleaners.


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