Interior Design

The man instinctively seeks to provide maximum comfort and convenience to the room where he spends his time, be it an office, office, apartment or cottage. The combination of comfort and tranquility for the bedroom, the business environment and lower fatigue for office – all this can be achieved with the help of interior design.

Interior design today:

Currently, the phrase “interior design” is often understood each person differently. If the word “interior” is used in quite a particular sense – is the interior of the premises, as well as its arrangement, the term “interior design” can be interpreted as the construction of the internal space premises, based on the principles of a combination of convenience, efficiency and beauty.

Interior design is an art – in which the designer becomes an artist. Creating unique interiors requires both the ability to move away from patterns and the big experience to avoid small mistakes.

In practice, the design of interior – is primarily a taming of space. Designer starts with all the volume of the room and then fills it with the right colors, details and objects. Besides the beauty and efficiency, interior design should combine, as we have said, the convenience. Even a small space in the hallway of your apartment can serve as a worthy gateway to your home, if it will find a place closet, mirror, shelf for shoes and a small ottoman.

In the case of interior design for offices, things are somewhat more prosaic, because there are, for example, well-established scheme of interiors for different business areas: strict dark for law firms and bright with plenty of phyto – for beauty salons, etc. But, of course, as with any art, conscious experimentation would be welcome.

How to manage interior design:

All the tools that skillfully manipulates the interior designer (contemporary designers – with the help of computer modeling of three-dimensional), is unlikely to list, these are just the beginning of the list:

>furniture, household appliances
>Finish the room (floor material or flooring, ceiling, walls)
>color spectrum
>lighting devices
>phytodesign, Bansal

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